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We opened at the July 1st Keiths Hootenanny gig - and as with any live situation, it had some interesting challenges... It was super hot, and there were three acts on the main stage, with two accompanying acts.

No set survives contact with the stage fully intact and this was no exception. Due to the heat, there were a number of interesting things that cropped up with the equipment. My mic flaked out initially, and then Tori's stage monitor wasn't working correctly so she couldn't hear herself. My wah pedal also was glitching.

The most challenging issue though was Bob our computer drummer. Bob has had a hard life on the road, and probably a might too much partying. Bob the computer glitched out in the first song, but kept going after a few false starts. Take you To Tomorrow went smoothly, which was a relief.

By the time we got to the third song Les and His Excavator, bob simply up and refused to play it, so we moved on to Smoko by the Chats. Fortunately Bob is a big fan of that song, so made it through that one without an issue.

But that was all she wrote for poor old bob. We tried to get him to play our closer Go Find Yourself, but bob, after two false starts, up and full on died in classic Spinal Tap style.

Fortunately for us, while old bob became the latest expendableCrewemember, Frank Mona's drummer jumped on staged, got the time signature from Tori, and ran the song perfectly - saving the day!

What a great experience!

So - big thank you to Keith Dundas founder of Keiths Hootenanny , Memphis from Memphis and the Grande for all his help through the season, Kurt Morgan of Kurt Morgan Music for help and bass coaching and Frank Mona for loaning us their Drummer and saving the gig!

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